Caravan Owners


So, you’ve decided to purchase your very own holiday home,

We don’t blame you! There really is no better way to spend time away in a cosy home from home. But how often do you use your caravan? Most caravan owners occupy their property from between two and six weeks per year, with the occasional weekend thrown in as well. For the rest of the time the van remains empty.

One of the services we offer caravan owners is the option to let us manage and sublet your caravan when you’re not using it. You can still use it whenever you choose, but when it is vacant you could be making extra income from letting it out to responsible, enthusiastic caravan lovers such as yourself.

The benefits for you:

There are many different advantages to having us sublet your caravan:

  • Make some extra income or cover you’re running costs i.e. site fees through renting your caravan out as a holiday home to families and couples.
  • Use your caravan whenever you want to – will only make a let at times you do not wish to use your caravan.
  • Cash in on the high demand for caravan holidays during peak season and school holidays.
  • We manage the whole process for you, from advertising your caravan on our website, making arrangements with our guests and collecting payment.
  • We prepare your van for our guests and clean the property after they have left. You don’t need to get involved at all.
  • We have contacts who can offer caravan related services & maintenance much quicker & cheaper than anyone else.

Find Out More

Are you interested in finding out more on how you can make additional income from letting guests enjoy your caravan when you’re not using it? Please request an information pack via email, alternatively give us a call so we can talk you through the process. Feel free to use our online contact form to get in touch.
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